About Dr. Throngard

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Dr. Jacqueline Throngard and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my webpage. I am a life time learner and have studied and researched many topics for adult learning, higher education, and instructional design. My research interests are in the following areas: career preparedness and satisfaction, student success/retention, international research collaboration, and women in higher education.

A little about my educational background, I started with trade school. I completed my cosmetology license (hair dresser) which led me to be a manager at a Regis owned salon that gave me the opportunity to work with talented people who helped me to develop my first leadership role in employee relations, organizational development, training, and recruitment. This position also helped me to develop a financial understanding of business relations and organizational goals and employee motivational techniques. I knew I wanted to finish a degree, so in 2006 I returned to academia as an undergraduate in the psychology department at Boise State University where I focused on student teaching and research.

After my graduation in 2008, I continued my education at Boise State University in the engineering department as an instructional and performance technology student (IPT for short). During my time with this program I worked with bright individuals on community projects where I developed my leadership skills further but also learned valuable skills of instructional design, organizational development, statistical evaluation, needs assessments, evaluation techniques, strategic planning, project management, change management, LMS design, online technology, and motivational techniques and performance enhancement plans for employees and departments. My time with this department as a graduate assistant inspired me to want to go further in research and to help develop learning techniques and educational experiences.

After my graduation from my IPT master degree in 2010 I went directly into an educational leadership and administration doctoral degree at Idaho State University. During my time working towards this degree I co-started a website design company to further my instructional design and project management skills and worked as a project manager and coordinator in several positions to gain experience in higher education. My doctorate degree in educational leadership and administration (emphasis in instructional design) can bring a strong knowledge of leadership training and development, change management, advanced research design and analysis, budgeting and finance, higher education accreditation standards, educational technology and online learning, LMS design, webinar-based materials, law, curriculum design, common core standards knowledge, and student learning and enhancement strategies.

I put together this website to showcase some of my work and to provide a resource for my courses taught with Community Education in the Boise area. Thank you for taking this time to look through my website and I hope you visit again as new things are added.